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Two ways to build with Exelerate

Our teams plug into your organization in two ways to empower innovation - tackling greenfield opportunities or augmenting current teams

Construct a team from scratch

Example: Fully Managed Team


Team Lead





You have an idea or a plan for a product. But you need a team to deliver your vision. We'll construct a team from scratch that will act as your core product team - or as a separate team working on a new vertical for your business (while keeping your core team focused).

Supercharge your team

Example: Staff Augmentation











You already have a team of all-stars, but you are missing a key skill set or just additional capacity to get you over the line. Add high-quality firepower to accelerate your product development or inject missing skills into your team.


Meet some of our builders

Gorjan Popovski

Data Scientist

A PhD candidate in the field of Data Science, Gorjan is a prolific AI/ML engineer that's written an abundance of research papers on that very topic. He’s worked as a founding engineer in multiple AI-based startups and is a Data Science lecturer in Brainster Next College.

Previous work:

Elena Gugoska

Product Designer

For more than 8 years Elena has been designing digital products for global brands such as Red Bull and Jaguar. She’s been a lead designer for most of those projects which has crafted her leadership skills in a way which is rare for a designer.

Previous work:

Velimir Avramovski

Software Engineer

With 10 years of experience in developing software, Velimir has built products for almost every platform using many languages and technologies. This makes him a very strong full-stack engineer and a formidable team lead. In the past few years his focus has been on developing IoT devices.

Previous work:


Let's build your dream team

Book a discovery call

Schedule a 20-minute call with us where we go over your project needs and talent preferences.

Review team proposal

Within a week, we will send you a team proposal we think is the perfect fit for you - a team formation specialist will help you make team revisions

Deploy & start building

Once you construct your perfect team, Exelerate handles all the legal & billing. You just sign a single contract with us, and get invoiced once every two weeks.



Why build a team with Exelerate

Strict Vetting Process

Our network consits of only All-star talent. Only 1 in 50 candidates are accepted into Exelerate's community of builders.

Technical Excellence

All of our members are experts in their field and at the very least have 5 years of experience in the service they provide.

Builder Mindset

We are looking for more than just skill in our members. Being excited about tackling complex problems and creating new product solutions is a prerequisite.

Excellent Communication

Communication is key in building great teams and product. Every builder in our network has great soft skills and is fluid in English.

Dynamic Team Size

Add a specific skill set or extra firepower to your team when necessary, and remove a member as soon as they are done with a task.

No minimum engagement

You don’t have to commit to multi-year contracts to access our talent, this allows you to be agile and cost-concious with your resources.


Free 15-Minute Demo Call

By the end of this Audit call you will have a clear understanding of how you can turn your business idea into a product with our help.

Find a time on Ivan's calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!

this audit call is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to turn their idea into a product
  • Enterprises looking to validate a spin-off product in order to generate a new revenue vertical
  • Entrepreneurs & Enterprises looking to build an MVP
  • Entrepreneurs looking to raise funds from investors with the help of a concrete product plan & prototype
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